Terms and conditions:

  • Our company's legal entity name is: Däckjour Mobile Däckservice Servige OÜ
  • A description of the product or service that we sell.

If you need help you will contact us by phone or submit your request in our website or App and after confirmation we will provide you with what you may need.

Whenever you request roadside assistance under your membership, you will be making that request to 24autoservice, who will provide the services on the terms and conditions set out below.

Flat or faulty batteries

If you find yourself immobilised with a battery problem, we will attend to your vehicle, test the battery for performance, jump start the flat battery or coordinate a battery replacement. All costs associated with a replacement battery (such as supply and delivery) will be your responsibility.

Emergency fuel delivery

If your vehicle runs out of fuel, we will deliver sufficient petrol or diesel for the vehicle to travel to the nearest available refueling facility. In the case of LPG-fuelled vehicles, we will tow the vehicle to the nearest refuelling facility, subject to the towing limits set out below. All costs incurred for a callout outside these areas are your responsibility. In the event a misfuelling incident occurs, we will coordinate towing at your expense.

 Flat tyres

If you find yourself with a flat tyre, we will change it with the vehicles serviceable spare wheel. If your vehicle is not equipped with a spare wheel, We can also provide you with one of our spare tyres or replacement wheel. Should additional services be required beyond this due to multiple flat tyres.

  • An explanation of how payments happen, for example instantly or through a subscription:

For now, after you submit your request we will contact you and gather more information then you will pay part or all the estimated fees and we will be there for you, in case you need more assists we will provide you a new invoice that you can pay online.

  • Delivery information:

For now, we deliver our service for Stockholm and after confirmation, our customers will get the service due to how far they are, estimated 30 to 60 minutes after submitted and confirmed it.

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  • The refund and cancellation policy.

Customers have the right to cancel the order within 30 minutes of placing it and they will be fully refunded.

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Contact information:

  • Legal entity name: Däckjour Mobile Däckservice Servige OÜ
  • Email address: admin@24autoservice.eu
  • Phone number: +372 51 91 90 91 or +46708800291

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